Other ways to give

Below are some ways to support Asian Alliance for Health.

Your suggestions are always welcomed.



Become an AAFH fundraiser and create your own campaign.


  • Tell others about Asian Alliance for Health and visit our website frequently.

  • Sign up for a free crowdfunding account at www.crowdrise.com, www.gofundme.com, www.indegogo.com, etc... Some of these programs offer special incentives to the fundraisers.



You can support AAFH in your daily activities of searching on the Internet, shopping, and dining out. Visit www.goodsearch.com for more details.




Matching employee gifts is an efficient way to manage a corporate charitable giving program. If your company offers to match your employees’ charitable donation with a gift of the same, or even higher, amount to the same nonprofit organization, you are doubling your employees’ support for the causes they care about. Matching gift program also allows your business to participate in strengthening the community where it operates and where your staff work, live, and play. It is a simple and effective way to build community support for your company and motivate your employees to get involved in the community. Encouraging your employees to drive your charitable giving efforts also fosters their support for you as their employer. It shows that your company listens. It shows that your company cares.


If you work for a company that will match your gift, the dollars you donate to AAFH can stretch twice as far, if not more, without any additional cost to you or your family. Ask your company’s human resources or other relevant department for a matching gift form, follow the instructions, and we and your employer will take it from there. If your company does not have a matching gift program yet, encourage the managers or owners to get one started or ask us for support!

See below for a partial list of companies that offer employee donation-matching.




Sample list of companies that match employee donations101.9 KB